Who is TortoiseEcofin?

TortoiseEcofin focuses on essential assets – those assets and services that are indispensable to the economy and society. We strive to make a positive impact on clients and communities by investing in energy infrastructure and the transition to cleaner energy and by providing capital for social impact projects focused on education and seniors housing. TortoiseEcofin brings together strong legacies from Tortoise, with expertise investing across the energy value chain for more than 20 years, and from Ecofin, which unites ecology and finance and has roots back to the early 1990s.

Investment Capabilities

  • Provides investors access to active and passive investment solutions across the capital structure
  • Locations in Kansas City, St. Louis, New York and London
  • Offers a variety of investment vehicles, providing clients the most efficient access to our strategies
  • Access to impact and sustainable products through Ecofin

Our perspective

Our top priority is to provide our clients with outstanding investment performance and service. We can only achieve this with a highly motivated and fully engaged team.

  • Organizational health is the DNA of our company
  • Our people represent our greatest asset
  • An energized, engaged, motivated team


  • Securities - Equities, Fixed income, Derivatives
  • Investments - Public, Private
  • Strategies - Active, Passive


  • Energy and power infrastructure
  • Climate Action
  • Water & environment
  • Social impact


As of 8/31/2023

$9.3 billion

Assets under management