Diversity & Inclusion

Seeking inclusive thinking and soliciting honest views through healthy debate is a vital part of our culture at TortoiseEcofin. These dynamic leaders ensure our diverse voices are heard and that the broader concerns of our investment community are represented.

H. Kevin Birzer, CFA
Chief Executive Officer

Our Philosophy

At TortoiseEcofin, we know that our most essential assets are our people. We foster intellectual curiosity and encourage healthy debate. The only way for these tenets to succeed is within a diverse workforce. One where different ideas, viewpoints, opinions and backgrounds are encouraged in conjunction with a shared vision and core values.

Our philosophy is to put our clients first, employees second and the company third. Having a diverse workforce helps us to meet these objectives.

  • Our clients have diverse needs, we can better serve them with many an inclusive staff
  • Diversity facilitates productive collaboration among employees
  • We believe the company will provide better business and investment results through vigorous debate among diverse groups

Our geographic location and investment specialty provide challenges, but we strive to improve these numbers over time by enhancing recruiting and mentoring efforts and partnering with diverse organizations.

Women in leadership at TortoiseEcofin

“It is extremely fulfilling to lead TortoiseEcofin’s strategic growth efforts to ensure that we are providing the right solutions to serve our clients evolving needs and also offer growth opportunities to attract and maintain the best talent.”

“It is exciting to play an integral role in guiding the company through the complex regulatory landscape that comes with being a global firm.”

"It’s very rewarding to lead TortoiseEcofin’s human resources strategy and support our high performance culture where diversity is embraced, intellectual curiosity is encouraged and employees can professionally thrive."

“Administering the complex aspects of TortoiseEcofin’s compliance program is challenging, rewarding and crucial to our success, while also aligning with the core values of the firm.”

“My career as an executive in the energy sector gives me a deep understanding of our investment objectives and a unique voice to represent TortoiseEcofin’s closed end fund investors at the board level.”

“As a board member, I have the opportunity to guide TortoiseEcofin in making thoughtful, sustainable and innovative decisions that benefit and reward investors.”

"I am proud to work at a firm with strong core values such as placing long term interests of client first and embracing social and environmental impact .”

"Our clients’ needs are wide-ranging and forever evolving and it is rewarding to help steer the delivery of the overall service they seek and deserve."

"TortoiseEcofin prides itself as an asset manager that takes care of its clients first.  As a member of TortoiseEcofin’s investor-facing team, having the opportunity to hear directly from clients and align their goals and needs with our capabilities is a tremendously rewarding experience."

"It’s energizing to work on our strategic initiatives alongside very creative and enthusiastic cross-functional teams to develop impactful client-driven products and solutions."

*Equity owner in TortoiseEcofin


Female Executive Committee


Female Closed-End Board


Female and minority officers†

Vice President and above