Making an impact through our...

At Tortoise we embrace a culture of social awareness and volunteering. Our support ranges from homegrown community programs to global causes that will make an impact on future generations. Our employees enjoy personal volunteer hours and a company matching gift program.

Tortoise Foundation

The Tortoise Foundation was developed to change communities by empowering individuals to create opportunities to help themselves and those around them.


Our vision is to serve essential needs in society to help improve the quality of life for individuals and their communities.


Our mission is to educate and equip organizations with capital, resources and opportunities to improve lives through economic empowerment. Our primary focus is on disadvantaged or underserved families, communities and programs.

Guiding Principles

These guiding principles are intended to guide the work of the Foundation as well as its current and future board members. The principles align with our core values: Humility, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Perseverance.

  1. Integrity – We believe in honesty, credibility and excellence.
  2. Opportunity – We believe in giving individuals and communities the opportunity to improve, grow and flourish.
  3. Economic Empowerment – We believe in empowering others to strive to better themselves as individuals, organizations and communities.
  4. Entrepreneurship – We believe that growth and innovation are a requirement for the greater good of the company and society.
  5. Service – We believe in making a commitment to our communities that extends beyond our interests.

We are proud to support the following organizations through employee grant requests

Community Spotlight

Corporate Sponsorships & Employee Engagement

We sponsor a variety of organizations, events and activities in support of our client and community relationships. Our employees frequently team up to volunteer at these sponsored events including building homes for Habitat for Humanity, adopting families during the holiday season and participating in Kansas City area running events including Race for the Cure benefitting the Susan G. Koman Foundation for breast cancer research and the Trolley Run benefitting the Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired.

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

In recognition of our own entrepreneurial culture, we have established programs to support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program

Our Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program awards three students annually who have a strong academic record and can demonstrate entrepreneurial success.

2019 recipients of the Tortoise Young Entrepreneurs Scholarships

Sage Offutt

Sakshi Kulkarni

Ethan Cregan

Partnerships with local schools

Tortoise partners with schools in the communities we work in to support learning and mentoring programs for students. One day teach-in events focus on creating learning opportunities where associate's professional expertise align with educators' curriculum. Beyond these teaching events our partnerships include mentoring, tutoring and participation in career days.

Tortoise associates participating in a career day at a local school in the Kansas City area.