Energy Evolution

The fastest and least expensive way to reduce global carbon emissions with growing global energy demand

Energy Evolution:

  • More economical than focusing solely on constructing renewables

  • Can make an impact in a much shorter time period

  • Market-driven, realistic and feasible solution

What is Energy Evolution?

Electrification driving global energy demand growth

Carbon emission reductions driven by shift to natural gas and renewables

U.S. is part of the solution by exporting low-cost energy to the rest of the world

Wind and solar are intermittent sources of energy, natural gas is a low-carbon complement

Key Takeaways

  • It is imperative to reduce global CO2 emissions

  • Energy demand growing through electrification

  • The source of energy supply shifting to low carbon fossil fuels and renewables

  • Transition to cleaner energy can happen quickly and economically

  • U.S. exporting low-cost energy to the rest of the world

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