Evolving Opportunities in Global Energy Disruption Educational Series

Join us in the Evolving Opportunities in Global Energy Disruption series as we learn from a policy analyst as well as C-level executives from a variety of energy companies that all have something in common – we believe they are on the cutting edge of the energy evolution and are leading the changes in the energy sector.

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The series will include pre-recorded interviews as well as live events including representatives from the following companies:

and more!

*On October 1, 2020, Tortoise Acquisition Corp. (SHLL) completed its previously announced business combination with Hyliion.  For more information, please visit: https://www.tortoisespac.com/tortoise-acquisition-corp/

Introductory Video Featuring Matt Sallee

In this video, Matt Sallee, President – Tortoise, explains the changes he has seen in the energy sector, how Tortoise has evolved with the sector and how this can positively impact your portfolio.



BP’s Journey to Net Zero - Capitalizing on Disruptions in Global Energy

In our first installment in the series, we interview Michael Cohen, BP’s Chief U.S. Economist to discuss BP’s outlook for renewables and broader energy supplies, along with initiatives the company is undertaking on the journey to Net Zero.


Enterprise Products – Reimagining sustainability

An interview with Enterprise Products executives on their commitment to sustainability. Sustainability has been at the core of Enterprise Products’ business philosophy since inception of the firm in 1968. They manage the business with the goal of long-term value creation with a commitment to employees, the environment, the communities in which they operate, and the rest of the world.


Williams' trajectory to net zero by 2050

An interview with Alan Armstrong – President and Chief Executive Officer, Williams. Williams is one of the largest gas transmission companies in North America and has been instrumental in the transformation and de-carbonization of the U.S. power grid.


Washington Analysis - Political odds election predictions and energy sector impact

An interview with Whitney Stanco – Vice President and Senior Energy Analyst – Washington Analysis with insight on how a win by either candidate may impact the energy sector