TortoiseEcofin's multi-strategy approach seeks segments where the capital supply/demand imbalance creates a market dislocation, giving TortoiseEcofin the opportunity to be a strategic provider of capital.

Seeking opportunities and making an impact

TortoiseEcofin’s multi-strategy solutions may provide:

  • A portfolio of essential asset investments with uncorrelated assets
  • The opportunity to invest in desired assets, regardless of their place in the capital structure
  • Access to a combination of public and direct investments that are making an impact on clients and communities
  • Investments in tangible, long-lived assets and services that have historically generated predictable cash flows 

What is the investment opportunity?

Changing demographics and trends are driving the need for capital across the essential assets universe.

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What are Essential Assets?

Social Impact

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Housing

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Sustainable Infrastructure

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Water

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Energy & Power Infrastructure

  • Pipeline companies
  • Midstream MLPs
  • Gathering and processing

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