Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The infrastructure essential for success

Our Vision:

To employ world-class talent, with unique experiences and backgrounds, empowered in their jobs to best serve and reflect our clients’ diverse needs.

Why Diversity Matters

Quite simply, diversity, equity and inclusion makes us better, which drives better solutions for our clients, our communities and our team members.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to attracting and retaining diverse employees, creating awareness of diversity issues, fostering a
supporting and positive environment where inclusive behaviors are the norm, facilitating collaboration and communication and embedding the accountability for diversity throughout the organization. 

Our key areas of focus include:

  • Talent - Actively support and promote attracting and retaining diverse talent, fostering more robust recruiting practices and development opportunities
  • Education - Promote D&I awareness in our organization through a multi-faceted educational and communication program.
  • Community Outreach - Promote diversity and inclusion awareness externally by sharing the TortoiseEcofin story about our beliefs, views and initiatives and providing support for community D&I causes that align with those values
  • Clients/Partners - Ensure fair representation of diversity in all of the firm’s dealings


Responsibility for these actions lives with each employee across the firm. Accountability falls on the leaders of the firm, including the Executive Committee and the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which leads the firm’s D&I programs and is comprised of a diverse group of employees including senior management. The objective of this committee is to cultivate and preserve a culture of diversity and inclusion and ensure a diverse and inclusive mindset permeates the core of everything we do.

We intend to publicly update our D&I strategic plan, statistics, and progress on our priority areas at least annually.


View the Strategic Plan

View 2022 DE&I Update

While as a firm we have made progress, we recognize we have a ways to go to increase diverse representation at all levels.

Our Progress

75% of hires since October 2020 have either been female or minority

Focused effort to source, interview and hire diverse talent into our investment teams:

– Approximately 67% of our hires since July 2021 have been female or minority
– Approximately 50% of our promotions since July 2021 have been female or minority


Our Goal

We believe that the outcome of adhering to our strategic plan can increase representation of women and/or minorities in the firm to at least 50% by 2024.